Friday, 28 August 2009

''Watching You, Watching Me''

I was unhappy with the way the Wildebeest drawing was going, so I set it aside and started on this drawing of a Snow Leopard last Friday, I had to have it finished by the time I return home next Tuesday as I want to enter it into an exhibition on the 10th September, and it needs to be mounted and framed by then, the photograph as come out more contrasty that the actual drawing so I will try again when I return home, the image size is 15 x 11 inches approx, drawn on Mellotex paper, drawing time approx 60 hours, now back to the Wildebeest.....

Monday, 17 August 2009


I have been working on this piece for the last few days, when completed it should show a herd of Wildebeest jumping into a crocodile infested river whilst migrating, Im not 100% happy with this and have almost scrapped it a few times, but so far its managed to stay on the drawing board, finished size will be around 16 x 8 inches, drawn on Mellotex paper. I am away on holiday for the next two weeks but will try to post any updates as Im taking my drawing with me...

Saturday, 1 August 2009

''In His Fathers Footsteps'' completed

After 65 hours I'm calling this finished, that's not to say I might not tweek it when I look at again, I have reduced the grass and rocks down even more, to stop them distracting the eye, and have lightly drawn in the sky again only enough to complete the drawing and not enough to dominate over the Lions. The finished image is 13x21 inches drawn on mellotex off white paper, let me know what you think.
I have had another look at this piece and I decided to add the foot prints, let me know if you think it was the right thing to do!