Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cub of the hill

This little drawing of a lion cub was started and finished in a day, size ia approx 4x3 inches on Bristol board, I hope to be drawing a few more of these as my sister has just returned from a safari and with any luck will have taken some great photo's..


Tresses Art Blog said...

Hi Grahame,
Got your message and the Club link to the login page is working fine but I'll leave it here again just in case.

If you need to contact me just email:

I hope this helps don't know why it's not loading for you. You might try going to your browser and clicking tools/options/Clear Cache sometimes that helps. Do you use Firefox or IE for a browser. It does make a difference.

Anonymous said...

you missed the wilderbeast dripping from his mouth!! this one is a cutee though and a great pic, wish they looked like that in the wild!.... keep on drawing your getting better and better! gx