Sunday, 8 August 2010

Drawing with Blu Tac 3

Pic 5 I start to randomly remove the Graphite by pressing and dabbing the Blu Tac onto the dark area, at this stage I'm just trying to make marks that look in some way like leaves twigs and branches etc, I'm not to worried how accurate they are.

Pic 6 I start to add more points of interest little leaves etc, by rolling the Blu Tac into a point.

All of this takes time as every time you press the Blu Tac onto the paper the edge goes flat and is also covered with graphite, so a new edge has to be made after every mark is made ( hey no one said it was easy)

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Fay Akers said...

I wish it worked that way with prisma color pencils, but it wont take as much off. Thanks for the demo though.

Your drawings are fab!