Sunday, 1 February 2009

Grizzly WIP

Worked on the grass today using my Bible '' Drawing from Line to Life'' by Mike Sibley, isn't it annoying how some people can make things sound and look so easy to achieve until you try to put it into practice! thanks Mike I'll see you in May......


Mike Sibley said...

Looking forward to meeting you at my workshop again. This Grizzly is looking good. And the grass? I think you're probably trying too hard. Just enjoy it and let it flow.

Note to self: Include the drawing of grass for Grahame :o)


Teresa said...

Hi Grahame,

What part of England am I from? I'm from....... surprise!.... Nottingham! I even have a photo of me and my brother as kids sitting at the base of the Major Oak. 'Course that was many years ago... before they roped it off. I moved to the US with my parents while in high school.

Re: High Point.. ah yes, the Furniture Capital of North Carolina. I'm at least two hours east of High Point - closer to the coast.

Your Grizzly is coming along very well!

Grahame Butler said...

Thanks Terry, better add to that list, drawing fur, Hair, Trees, Feathers, etc etc think I had better come for a week!

Grahame Butler said...

Hi Teresa, Wow what a small world! have to say that being near the coast in North Carolina beats being anywhere near to Nottingham. thanks for your comments