Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My First Drawing

I found this drawing within the pages of a baby record book my mother kept. she very kindly placed my age on the bottom right hand corner, 3.5 years old! so its now 48.5 years old can anyone beat this do you still have your first drawing? I like the way I thought there would be air craft flying around at the same time as the cowboys.


Christine said...

Wow Grahame, that is so very special that your mother preserved this for you! What an awesome momento to have! I can see that you where already the budding artist then ;-)

Sharon Wright said...

Now that is a treasure, I hope you will frame it?
Thanks for the visit and comment, Grahame. My advice is find a class and go for it! No actually, practice on the family, watching TV perhaps, first! It's easier with clothes to start, in my experience. I shall be watching for the results, in a very friendly way of course.